Is it still worth exhibiting on Trade Shows in 2021?

Are tradeshows still worth going, in the digital era?

If there’s one thing we learned with the Pandemic, it’s that our relationship can digitize – up to a certain extent. But to which extent specifically? Where does it stop? What does still need to happen physically in the real world?

Trade shows are expensive, hence one of the first budget lines that get questioned – pandemic or not. But they are also an investment into the future of your business, and the earlier stages of your sales funnel.

So all in all, is it still worth putting them on your marketing schedule in 2021? Check it out ⬇️

PS: This was a special show, as we were physically live from Amsterdam. It means, better video and better sound but… shitty internet (hence the glitches). Sorry for that!

S1E9 – Is it still worth exhibiting on trade shows in 2021?

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