The show that goes to the bottom of the hottest Water topics, every month.

Ever wondered how to solve one of your Water challenges? The fact is, that the Water Industry is rich in solutions, but scattered enough so that it makes it sometimes difficult to extract the one you need.

This is why, we explore the most pressing issues of the times, every month, to light a topic from every angle and equip you with the information you need!

Topics we discuss

Well, we might say “All things Water!” – yet if we were to be a bit more specific, it could be:

The dynamics of the Water Industry

The hottest news and evolutions in the water sector

How new technologies can solve open challenges


We’re stitching together the richest of all puzzles: the Water Sector. To do so:

We share what we know and what we’ve learned

We do your market intelligence!

We give you a wildcard to participate anytime during the show

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The Water Show’s hosts

Björn Otto

Björn Otto is the founder and managing director of Interius Solutions, a marketing and strategy consultancy for mainly technically oriented B2B companies in the water and wastewater industry.

He recognized early on his passion for explaining things and facts as well as selling and marketing them convincingly.

After having neglected LinkedIn at first, he started the project “From Consumer to Content Producer” in 2019. Everything changed within a very short time. But even more important than his personal development was the influence that he and his contributions had on the companies he worked for.

He had become an advocate for these companies, which not only gained international recognition but also generated project inquiries. Björn, born on 07 August 1979 is a convinced European, tech enthusiast and loves to be straight to the point. Especially if it goes against his friend and colleague Antoine.

Antoine Walter

Antoine WALTER is in charge of Wastewater Treatment Business Development at GF Piping Systems. He hence develops the GF Global network to help water professionals to realize their process Ideas by advising the right system, leveraging GF’s extensive pipe, fittings, valves, services, and process automation portfolios. 

Holding a master’s in water and environmental engineering, he’s been working for ten years in the water industry with a special dedication to solution-driven wastewater treatments.

Since 2020, he’s hosting the “(don’t) Waste Water” podcast and regularly intervenes in Conferences and Business schools. He’s married, a happy father of two wonderful girls…

… and he’s French (nobody’s perfect 😅).